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Process Killer 4.0

Quickly and easily kill and terminate any running process
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Rhapsody in Design, LLC

The main purpose of the Process Killer utility is quite clear right from its name: it's a tool meant to help you terminate a running process. It does pretty much the same thing that the “End task” command from the Windows Task Manager does, and I can't actually find any good reason to recommend Process Killer instead of the default Windows' process management tool.

Process Killer lists all running processes, lets you see some details for every one of them (details like flags, usage count, process ID, heap ID, module ID, thread count, base priority, etc.), and lets you press a “Kill” button to end any of them. There are no other options, features, functions, or built-in tools. So in other words, it's a lightweight version of the default Windows Task Manager. To resemble that tool even more, it even failed to kill the process as it was asked to, for a couple of times, so I can say that reliability is not a strong point for this application either.

The only good things to say about Process Killer are that it's free and that it's small, neat, lightweight and simple to use. Anyway, this is hardly enough to convince anyone to give this tool another try, me included.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • The application is provided for free
  • It displays some basic information for each running process (heap ID, thread count, etc.)
  • Lightweight, neat, small, and easy to use


  • The interface cannot be customized
  • No advanced options or additional features
  • No confirmation popup or follow-up window when killing a process
  • Sometimes attempting to kill a process doesn't succeed
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